With our range of pergolas we do not only offer conventional, wall-mounted solutions but also designs which can be mounted between two walls without stand legs. Another particular solution is to install a freestanding pergola which, in the case of some models, provides the opportunity to close the sides and thus, enables to build a closed pavilion, which is far beyond conventional shading technology.

Special pergola systems

The EASY model comes with a straight profile, without supporting stand legs. It can be mounted to an existing frame or a customized one. We manufacture the model from both thin and thick profiles.



Width: from 2,5 to 13 m /unit

Max. span (depth):

Thin profile: 5.5 m

Thick profile: 7.0 m

Size of the track profile:

Thin: 100x54 mm

Thick: 120x60 mm

Gutter system: Not available

Suspension elements: Galvanized steel


Solitare is a characteristically light and airy, pavilion type pergola model, even for public spaces or parks.



Width: 7 m

Length: 10 m

Height: 2,4 m

Division: 1 or 2 modules (or units)

Wall mounting: possible

Possible to close (sides): No

The most important characteristic of theStand model is that it can be closed easily, and can function as a fully independent structure.

(The STAND model is currently under development, it is not available at the moment.)



Width: 13 m

Length: 7 m

Height: 2,2 m

Divisions: one-two-or three modules (or units)

Wall mounting: possible

Possible to close (sides): can be closed entirely

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