We offer many different models that are suitable to be attached to walls.
The CREATIVE and TERASSE models have been designed for exactly that purpose. When you have a bigger span to cover, we recommend the installation of the ORION or GALAXY models.
In this case, on the side attached to the wall, the ORION model is moved with rails which can properly guide the enclosure. Just like in the case of the basic model, there is no need for a rail on the other side, so it is possible to walk about without any obstacles at all. It is also possible to attach the ORION 5 to walls, which is recommended to be used to bridge a greater width.

CREATIVE / C-LINE - pool enclosures attached to wall

CREATIVE - High pool enclosure designs attached to walls
A considerable part of domestic swimming pools is built directly next to the house, integrated in the terrace, or near a wall.
The CREATIVE model has been designed exactly for these circumstances, that is, to be attached to walls.



Width: from 4,0 to 7,0 m

Height: from 2,2 to 2,8 m (depending on the width)


C-line - Terasz fedés
The  C-line enclosures have been developed to cover balconies and terraces but they are suitable to cover also pools which are next to the house or close to a wall. 




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