There are no sliding segments here; instead, there are sidewalls to be opened up, in two positions.
The pool can be opened up for ventilation easily by opening up only the upper parts, while maintaining a childproofbarrier around the pool.

IRIS semi-circle endwall is a new development of AQUACOMET. By opening IRIS it's easy to open the space under the enclousre in a large surface. IRIS consists of  schperical sections which can be moved under each other on their ball bearing rollers.

GALAXY - High, fixed pool enclosure

The GALAXY model provides a pool enclosure solution up to a span of 10m.
Galaxy is a fixed installation, however the enclosure can be opened along
its entire length up to a height of 2m.

GALAXY 170, the reinforced version of GALAXY model, with a span of up to 14 m, is suitable for wide pools.
Even though it is a fixed structure, the sides can be opened up to a height of 2 m.


Galaxy 100

Galaxy 170

Width: from 5,0 to 10 / 12 m (depending on the model)

Height: from 2,5 to 2,8 m (depending on the widh and model)


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