Our cost-effective pool enclosure family is called ZENITH. The used materials are exactly the same quality as with other Aquacomet pool enclosures but a slightly narrower profile system is applied. The thickness of the polycarbonate glazing is 1 mm thinner, as well, that is how a lower price can be reached.

The AQBOX version means a prefabricated design that comes in a box. This flat-pack enclosure is recommended for those who like do-it-yourself activities, and would like to save on the cost of assembly service.

ZENITH, AqBOX- Arched pool enclosures

A lightweight profile system is used to produce the ZENITH S (Standard) design. The AQBOX version refers to the prefabricated design that comes in a box.


Zenith Standard Thermo

Zenith Standard Clear

AqBox Standard Thermo

AqBox Standard Clear

Width: from 3,0 to 8,0 m

Height: from 1,1 to 3,0 m (depending on the width and model)


Compound arch cross-sectioned low pool enclosures

It is a highly popular model with a dynamic form fulfilling every requirement expected from a pool enclosure.


Zenith Flat Thermo

Zenith Flat Clear

AqBox Flat Thermo

AqBox Flat Clear

Width: 3,0 - 7,5 m

Height: 0,8 - 1,4 m m (depending on the width)

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