In case of bigger spans we recommend motorized movement. Occasionally, like, for instance, when the ground is uneven, we recommend the application of rails to stop the segments from shifting out of their place.

ORION, ORION 5 - High pool enclosures without rails

High and wide-span pool enclosures without rails
The state-of-the art pool enclosure of Aquacomet, the ORION model, can be ordered to cover a span up to ten meters. It is a telescopic open-and-close pool enclosure with vertical sidewalls.
The ORION 5 is the reinforced version of the original ORION model. The five angles of the enclosure give such stability to the structure which allows the bridging of the twelve-meter span without rails.



Orion 5

Width: from 5,0 to 10 / 12 m (depending on the width)

Height: from 2,4 to 3,4 m (depending on the model and width)


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