Due to the reinforced profile system, these high pool enclosures are able to bridge bigger spans. The glazing is normally doublewalled polycarbonate (except for the PRACTIC Plus model) but upon request it can be combined with solid polycarbonate.

PRACTIC / PROFESSIONAL - Pool enclosure models forever in style

High pool enclosures with asymmetric design
We produce the PRACTIC model with an asymmetrically lifted, mildly tilted even sidewall. The structural height of the sidewall allows you to walk along the long side of the pool.



Practic Plus

Width: from 4,0 to 8,0 m

Height: from 2,0 to 3,0 m (depending on the width)


Trapéz keresztmetszetű, magas medencefedés típus

The grandiose interior of the PROFESSIONAL model creates a genuine swimming hall above the pool. The model allows you to walk freely along all four sides of the pool.  This model allows you to walk along one or two sides of the pool, even if the enclosure is closed.



Width: tra 4,0 e 8,0 m

Height: 2,0 - 3,0 m (a seconda della larghezza)

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