Apart from classic form and high quality design, the common feature of the classic pool enclosure types at Aquacomet is their movement on rails. They have a varied appearance: arched and compound arched forms are also present in the product range. From low through medium height to high, the pool enclosure family has it all, thus everybody can find the model they want.

The LOK type is a peculiar model in the product range as it is built as a combination of parts of the base models.  The most widespread LOK variation is joining the HARMONIE model (used as an entrance hall) with one of the arched models.

SUN, SKY - arched pool enclosures

Arch cross-sectioned pool enclosure models
Beautifully constructed light metal structures with simple outlines are real classics at Aquacomet.




Width: from 3,0 to 8,0 m

Height: from 1,1 to 3,0 m (depending on the width)


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