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The canvas for the PERGOPOLIS pergola systems is a high technical quality PVC covered D tex 1100 HT polyester textile especially developed for shading technology

The canvas is non-light-transmitting, therefore we can really enjoy “perfect shade” under it. 

For the standard base price, the PRECONTRAINT 602 BLOCKOUT type canvas is included in white or vanilla colour. For an additional fee the TEXOUT OPATEX type is also available to order in different colours on each side, in the combination of anthracitebeige or burgundy-beige.

Different colours from those in the price list are also available to order. Please contact our sales personnel for more information.

(canvas with the same color on both sides)
(canvas with different colors and structure son both sides)
Canvas material: textile-reinforced PVC textile-reinforced PVC
Internal textile material: Polyester 1100 Dtex HT Polyester 1100 Dtex HT
Fibre density: 8 fibres / cm 8 fibres / cm
Surface: two-sided, high gloss waterproof varnish
two-sided matte waterproof varnish with one-sided embossing
Thickness: 0,62 mm 0,50 mm
Weight: approx. 750 g/m² approx. 850 g/m²
Flammability: not readily flammable, according to the B1 DIN4102-1 standard
not readily flammable, according to the B1 DIN4102-1 standard
Breaking strength: approx. 230 DaN/5 cm approx. 250 DaN/5 cm
Tear strength:approx. 20 DaNapprox. 25 DaN
Resistance to temperatures: +70°C / -30°C +70°C / -30°C
Light transmittance:  non-light-transmitting  non-light-transmitting
Light fastness: 8/8 (excellent) – ISO 105-B02 Xenon test
7/8 (excellent) – ISO 105-B02 Xenon test
Adhesion: 9 daN / 5 cm - ISO 2411 10 daN / 5 cm – ISO 2411

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