General informations about pergolas

Shading is as old as architecture itself, going back thousands of years. Wooden canopies, arbours and trellises have been constructed to lenghten bulidings, provide shade and shelter against rough weather.

Today a wide range of materials can be used to produce pergolas. Pergola systems offered by PERGOPOLIS meet modern day quality and aesthetic requirements. Our pergolas are characterized by the harmony of materials, forms and colours; thus they can be integrated perfectly to both existing and newly designed buildings.

Our product line of pavilion-like free-standing pergolas and pergolas attached to buildings provides for terraces that can be used all year long, regardless of the weather. By choosing matching forms and colours the pergola becomes an organic part of the building, providing a unique appearance. The standard pergola system is supplemented by specially designedand produced elements, such as gutter Systems for drainage, side walls or mood lightning. The structure is easy to assemble or disassemble, and due to its stainless finish is weather-resistent and practically maintenance-free. 

The pergola, produced in accordance with the customer's wishes guarantees high comfort and satisfaction due to its timeless design and excellent quality. 
Our pergola types have patent protected forms  – track guide system of the canvas – and in addition utility model protection too.                               Our catalog in the "Downloads" menu provides further insight into the structure, types and commercial prices of our shade Systems.

The shading canvas is placed on top of the canvas frame and fixed by an omega rubber seal. The canvas frame is suspended on the canvas rolling apparatus which runs in the track profile. The shading canvas is fastened to the aluminium frame by a rubber bell at the rolling apparatus. Rain flow is directed to the side by the deflector rubber in the bottom of the track profile and the flexible seal welded on the canvas. The problem of canvas frames slanting to the side was solved by a exclusively designed knuckle joint suspension cap which provides an angled setting. Thus, sticking of the rolling apparatus into the track profile can be eliminated.

Our exclusive, newly designed pergola moving track system provides a perfectly smooth glide along the track profiles without any tension. The wheels of the apparatus roll on stainless ball bearings, providing noiseless, maintenance-free operation.

Advantages of our canvas holding mechanism:

  • quiet operation without tension
  • quick and easy to mount
  • durable, long-lasting structure
  • aesthetic appearance

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