Multicolor frames

The frame of the pergola is made of heat-treated aluminium alloy widely used in industry, which is very strong and easy to work with.

The aluminium frame is protected against the weather by an extremely long-lasting and flexible powder coating. Our pergolas can be ordered with accessories (protective roof, gutter system, motorised and manual operation) in 4 standard colours.

Any other colour can be ordered from the RAL colour scale for an extra 10%.

Features of the aluminium profile materials used:
Material quality: EN AW 6060 T6 (AlMgSi 0,5)
Tensile strength:     170 N/mm2
Extension ratio (A):    70 HB
Specific elongation (A):    8 %
Heat treatment process:    T6
Density:    approx. 2,70 g/cm³

Main features of the other parts/materials:
Quality of stainless joining elements: A2
Quality of stainless joining elements:  1.4301
Plastic parts:  PA6 UV stable, 15% glass fibre reinforcement
Rollers: Stainless closed ball bearings

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